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How to work with inventory
How to work with inventory

You can add supplies, control stock, deductions from the storage, and run an inventory check in Inventory section.

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You can add supplies, control stock, deductions from the storage, and run an inventory check in Inventory section.

💡 Before adding a supply, add ingredients and products, that will be stored.

Add a supply

Once your first supply of ingredients and products is added, Poster will calculate food cost of dishes and drinks and you will control stock.

To add a supply:

  1. Go to Inventory → Supplies in the management console and click Add.

  2. Enter the date and time of the supply.

  3. Choose a supplier or add a new one if the needed is not on the list.

  4. Choose the storage, where these products will be stored.

  5. Choose the account to withdraw funds.

  6. Choose ingredients and products, enter the quantity, price for piece or total sum.

  7. Click Save.

💡 Use ordering units to make supplies in boxes or packages.

Add storage locations

There is one default storage in Poster to control stock. If you have several stations, for example Bar and Kitchen, add additional storages:

  1. Go to Inventory → Storages and click Add.

  2. Write the Name and Address of the storage.

  3. Select Locations to link the storage to one or several locations. Thus, ingredients and products will be written-off the storage automatically when sold on the register.

  4. Click Save.

💡 Set writing-off rules if there are the same ingredients in different storages of one location. For example, lemon can be used in the kitchen and in the bar as an ingredient for salads and cocktails.

Make a transfer

You can transfer ingredients, products and manufactured dishes between several storages. To make a transfer:

  1. Go to Inventory → Transfers and click Add.

  2. Choose the transfer date and time.

  3. Choose from which storage to which storage to make a transfer.

  4. Choose products and write quantity.

  5. Click Save.

Add a manual deduction

Products are deducted from the storage automatically when they are sold. If ingredients are expired or should be deductions for a different reason, you can add them to deductions manually.

  1. Go to Inventory → Stock deductions and click Add.

  2. Choose the Deduction date and time.

  3. Choose storage and reason for your manual deduction of the product or add a new one if it’s not on the list.

  4. Add a comment to detail this reason for deductions from the storage. For example, your reason — create a new recipe, and the comment is a compilation of a summer menu.

  5. Choose the item, put the quantity, and more info.

  6. Click Save.

View inventory report on movement

To control stock deduction, you can view ingredients movement for a selected period:

  1. Go to Inventory → Ingredients movements in the management console and set the reporting period in the calendar in the upper right corner.
    ☝️ Report is displayed for a calendar day, not for a cash shift.

  2. Choose a storage from the drop-down list to check movements within kitchen or bar and check the cost in that storage location.

  3. Choose the type of products and a category. For example, the type is “Ingredients” and the category is “Seafood”.

  4. Click + Filter to view information on specific products in stock.

  5. Click on in the top right corner to select which columns to hide or show in the report.

  6. Click on the name of the column in which you want to sort the data.

  7. Check the initial and final average cost of products for the selected period.

  8. Click on next to the product unit in the Supplies column to view its supply amount, production and inventory checks.

  9. Click on in the Expense column to view sales, manual waste, production and inventory checks.

  10. View the total cost of all products for the selected period at the bottom of the table.

💡 Click Export to download an Excel spreadsheet with the information on the movement of products and ingredients in a storage location, or click Print to print a report.

💡 Calculation of products and ingredients food cost is based on supplies and the weighted average cost method.

💡 Enable low stock alert and set up the limit for ingredients and products to make purchases on time.

Run an inventory check

Inventory check helps to keep track of your stock for a chosen period. Poster compares your expected balance with actual balance of ingredients stock in a storage location. As a result of the inventory check you’ll see the difference of balance between stock and difference of balance in money:

  1. Go to InventoryInventory checks in the management console and click the Add button.

  2. Choose the storage location where you want to run an inventory check.

  3. Choose the period for your inventory check:

    Retrospective and indicate the date and time when you calculated the actual balance;
    Current if you’re doing an inventory check now.

  4. Choose the inventory check type:
    Full if you want to check stock of all the products in a storage location;
    Partial to check stock of specific products or categories. Find them with the help of quick search and tick them.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Fill the Act. balance column. Enter the amount of products and ingredients in stock and Poster will account the difference in money and in stock automatically.

    ☝️ In the Initial balance column you can see the stock based on the previous inventory check, that’s why supplies and deductions are indicated since the last inventory check of each of the products.

  7. Click Run an inventory check.

Stock of products and ingredients will change to the actual balance which you’ve entered.

💪🏻 If you have any questions, message us, and our support team will help you.

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