Products are items that are ready for selling. They’re not used for the preparation of dishes. For example, a bottle of coke or a chocolate bar.

To add a product:

  1. Open the tab Menu → Products in the management console.

  2. Click Add product.

  3. Type in a name, and choose an existing category and station (E.g. Bar or Kitchen).

  4. Enter the barcode and total price. The Cost and Markup will be calculated automatically after you add a Supply.

  5. Upload a picture or choose the color for the icon to display the product on the Point of Sale.

  6. Click Save.

Weight products

If you sell products by weight, check Weight product (goods) and input the price for 100 grams.

When the waiter enters the weight in the POS for the product they’re selling, the final price will be calculated automatically.

☝️ By selecting Can’t be discounted, this product won’t be included in your loyalty programs.

☝️ If you delete the product, it will be moved to the trash. Products are stored in the trash can for 30 days after being deleted.

If you sell varieties of the same product, use product modifications.

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