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How to view sales report by receipts
How to view sales report by receipts

To view detailed history of each receipt and control their amount for the certain period, you can use sales reports in Poster.

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To view detailed history of each receipt and control their amount for the certain period, you can use sales reports in Poster.

For example, to check receipts with the negative profit for the last month. Typically, these are receipts closed with 100% discount or paid with bonuses.

To view receipts report:

  1. Go to Reports → Receipts in the management console.

  2. Click on the calendar in the upper right corner and set the reporting period.

  3. Select a shift from the drop-down list to sort receipts out by cash shifts.

  4. Select a waiter to view sales history of each employee.

  5. Select a location if you have combined several venues of one chain into one account.

  6. Select a payment method: cash, card, gift card or bonuses, additional payment methods, or without payment.

  7. Select a status to view opened, closed, deleted or fiscal receipts.

  8. Check the receipt number, opening and closing time, waiters name, receipt amount, discount, profit and receipt status.

  9. Click ⿲ Columns at the top right to select which columns to display in receipts report. For example, table and floor area, customer and customer groups, guest count, sum, promotions, admin password and comments.

  10. Click on the column title you want to sort the data analytics.

  11. Check totals by payment methods, taxes and net revenue at the bottom of the table for the selected period.

  12. Click Details ▼ at the bottom of the table to see the gross and net revenue by main or additional cash and non-cash payment methods, taxes, cost, and gross profits.

💡 Click Export to download an Excel spreadsheet with receipts report or Print to print it out.

💡 Use the quick search to view all receipts with a particular dish or drink. For example, write “Apple pie” in the Quick search box.

💡 If you use fiscalization, there are a color indicator for each receipt. It helps you to quickly find a closed order in the archive:

gray indicates a receipt that does not contain fiscal goods;

yellow means that fiscal receipt was refunded on the fiscal printer;

red shows unprinted receipt with fiscal goods;

green color indicator points out on printed fiscal receipt.

💡 To analyze delivery delays and the service quality, click + Filter, choose deliveries, areas and couriers. For example, Order source → Delivery, Delivery area → Main, Courier → Peter, Maria, John.

In the top right corner click on ⿲ to choose the columns you wish to see in reports: Order source, Courier, Time spent in “New”, Cooking time (if you send tickets to the chefs), Time spent in “Ready”, Time spent en route, Total time, Payment type, Area and Delivery cost.

💡 View receipt details to check products and ingredients quantity, their cost and storage they was written off from. To do this, in Reports → Receipts click on Details in a receipt and select Waste.

If your location is open until the last customer leaves or closes after midnight, set up shift end time.

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