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How to add product modifications
How to add product modifications

Modifications are varieties of the same product

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Modifications are varieties of the same product. For example, the juice is a product, and orange, mango, pomegranate are modifications. Each modification has its barcode, price, and cost.

Modifications make the product catalog more compact and help waiters to find and sell a product faster.

To add product modifications:

  1. Go to Menu → Products in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Write the product name “Juice”.

  4. Select the category and the station.

  5. Select With modifications (several types of product) in the Price and barcode field.

  6. Write the juice type “Orange” in the Name field.

  7. Enter the modification price in Total. Cost and Markup fields will be calculated automatically when you supply this product to the storage.

  8. Click Add another modification and fill in Name and Total fields for each type of the juice.

  9. Upload a picture of the product or choose the icon color.

  10. Click Save.

☝️ You cannot add modifications to the existing product. In this case, delete the product and add the new one with modifications.

💡 Create the menu with products modifications to speed up waiters work on the register.

You can control sales reports and stock of each product modification.

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