You can make an export of all sections in the management console which have the Export button. For example, download XLS sheets with receipts, products and dishes, storage stock, or client base.

To make an export of data from Poster:

  1. Go to the section and tab in the management console from which you need to make an export of data. For example, go to Finances → Transactions.

  2. Press Export in the right upper corner.

💡 To make an export of dishes and preparations with recipes, cooking processes, gross weight, net weight, and food cost of the ingredients:

  1. Go to Products → Dishes or Products → Preparations and press Export in the right upper corner.

  2. Choose With recipes and click Export.

🚧 Soon you’ll be able to export data from a mobile version of your management console. And while we’re working on the update, you can download XLS sheets from a web app.

💡 A sheet that you’ve downloaded is also a master file for import. Fill up missing products and upload them back to Poster.

You can check your financial report and make an export of it to control money movement on the accounts.

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