Ingredients are goods that you use to prepare dishes and drinks. For example, pastry flour for cupcakes or spearmint for lemonade.

To add an ingredient:

  1. Go to Menu → Ingredients in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Type ingredient name, and select a unit.

  4. Click More info to set up loss percentage in case of frying, boiling, stewing, or baking.

  5. Click Save.

💡 Enter Items quantity, Price per unit, and Storage location to supply the ingredient immediately.

To find and edit this automatic supply, go to Inventory → Supplies and click Edit.

💡 Enable the Cooking method when adding ingredients to the dish recipes. Poster automatically calculates the gross weight based on the loss percentage and consumption.

☝️ Updating the loss percentage, also changes the gross weight in dishes.

Combine ingredients into preparations to use them in different dishes.

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