Use the import of products and their modifications to quickly add to Poster products and their varieties that you buy and resell. For example, ice cream is a product, bananas, strawberries, and blueberries are its modifications.

💡 Export products from the storage or download the sample to get a table template. Delete the examples of products from the template, fill in the columns of the table, and save the file in CSV, XLS, or XLSX formats. Then import the table with products to Poster.

☝️ When filling in the chart:
• in the Name column first indicate the product name, and then its modification after a gap. For example, “Bounty XXL”;

• don’t change the content of PosterID product_id and PosterID modificator_id columns for existing products and leave them empty for the new ones.

To import products and their modifications:

  1. Go to Menu → Products in the management console.

  2. Import new products without their varieties. For example, a “T-shirt” product without S, M, and L modifications.

  3. When products are uploaded, click Export in the upper right corner to download the file with PosterID product_id that is assigned by Poster.

  4. To add product modifications, duplicate the value PosterID product_id for the product varieties in the downloaded file and leave the PosterID modificator_id empty.

  5. Click ••• and select Import products.

  6. Click Upload to select a table with products and their modifications on your computer and upload it to Poster.

  7. Click Start import.

  8. Match fields Name, Category, Station, Type, Price, and Weight item with the table columns.

  9. Click Check data.

  10. If everything is correct, click Import.

🚧 Soon you’ll be able to import data from a mobile version of your management console. And while we’re working on the update, you can upload a table with products from a web app.

Use ordering units to add supplies to the storage in boxes or packages.

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