You can combine dishes and products into categories to find them on the register faster. For example, ‘Main dishes’, ‘Pastry’, ‘Soft drinks’.

To add a products and dishes category:

  1. Go to Menu → Categories of products and dishes in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Write the name of the category. For example, ‘Main dishes’, ‘Pastry’, ‘Soft drinks’.

  4. Choose the location of dishes and products on the register from the drop-down list in the Category field: on the top screen or inside of the other category.

  5. Upload a photo or select a color of the icon.

  6. Click Save.

☝️ If you delete the category, it will be moved with its products and dishes to the trash. Categories are stored in the trash can for 30 days after being deleted.

💡 Offer a seasonal menu to customers and hide it, when the season is over. Create a ‘Summer menu’ category with fresh fruits and vegetable dishes and hide it on the register when autumn comes.

To do it, choose the ‘Summer menu’ category and click •••. Select Hide to hide it on the register, but keep it in the management console.

Next, create dishes and products to fill in the menu of your location.

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