Kitchen Kit is an Android app to replace the ticket printer.

Waiters send orders to kitchen while cooks browse recipe, change order status, notify the waiters about the progress.

Connect Kitchen Kit to replace printed tickets and send orders to the cooking station from the register. You will not worry about the printing paper anymore.

Connecting and setting up Kitchen Kit

To connect and set up Kitchen Kit:

  1. Run the Poster Kitchen Kit app on an Android tablet or Android console with the connected screen.

  2. Enter login — your location’s name.

  3. Enter the email and password from your management console. You can find this data in your email.

  4. Enter the employee’s PIN on the register.

  5. Click Connect in the opened window.

  6. Click in the right upper corner and select Devices.

  7. Select Kitchen Kit and stations for sending orders. For example, Bar, Kitchen.

💡 Fill in the How to prepare this dish field and Cooking time inside the dish so that the cook could see the recipe in the dish’s card and countdown timer on the Kitchen Kit display.

☝️ Make sure that Kitchen Kit and the register are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Sending orders to the kitchen from the register and receiving dish readiness alert

To send an order to the kitchen from the register and receive dish readiness alert:

  1. Tap ••• next to the Send button in the open receipt on the POS.

  2. Specify course order or add a comment in the pop-up window and tap Send ticket.

  3. Cards with dishes that are organized into receipts lists will appear on the Kitchen Kit screen. You can see a waiter’s name, a number of a table and receipt, name of the dish, amount of portions, the time of sending to the kitchen and a comment to the order.

  4. Click on the name of the dish to view its recipe and the cooking method.

  5. Click Start to start cooking and start the countdown timer.

  6. Click Ready so that the waiter receives the notification on the register.

💡 You can connect your ticket printer and Kitchen Kit to different stations. It will help to send electronic and paper tickets to the kitchen at the same time.

💡 To cancel dish preparation:

— click on the product’s name in the open receipt on the register and change it’s amount using ⊖ to delete it from the receipt. Then click ••• next to the Send ticket button and click Send in the opened window. The status of the card with this dish will be changed to Cancelled on the Kitchen Kit display;

— select the dish on the Kitchen Kit display and click Order cancel. The notification will appear on the waiter’s register. For example, if the ingredients ran out.

View all ready orders in the History tab in the Poster Kitchen Kit application.

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