What is Kitchen Kit?

Kitchen Kit is a KDS software provided by Poster. Replace ticket printers with screens for more information and control over your kitchen.

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Kitchen Kit replaces ticket printers and levels up communication between kitchen staff and waiters. Digital tickets are fired instantly to a kitchen display along with the meal recipes and instructions empowering your chefs to start cooking seconds later.

Kitchen Kit is equipped with plenty of features to manage your orders faster and speed up the preparation:

  • Cooking timer and recipe so the cooks always know what to chop, boil, fry, or stir next.

  • Remind waiters to bring out prepared orders.

  • Manage cooking and serving queue.

  • Free up some kitchen space occupied by printers and cables.

  • Reduce paper consumption and printer costs.

No need to poke the kitchen every now and then asking if the order is ready. KDS screen shows meal courses to all the staff, so they know what to cook and what to bring out next. For example, you can start cooking the stew first because it's served before the salad.

Reduce paper consumption and printer costs by sending orders to KDS. Digital tickets with cooking time reports are always available in the back office and need no paper.

Kitchen Kit is compatible with Android 4.4+ tablets. KDS is not available on smartphones.

Feel free to contact our customer support if you have any questions or concerns. We're available in chat @joinposter.com and email contact@joinposter.com

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