To plug in Epson TM-T20II Ethernet, Xprinter Q260 Ethernet and Sam4s Ellix 50DB Ethernet printers:

  1. Plug ticket printer in the 220V socket and turn it on with power button.

  2. Insert till roll in the printer and output it’s loose end outside. Close the printer cover.

  3. Connect printer to Wi-Fi router with LAN cable. Green and orange indicators on the printer will be activated.

  4. Connect tablet to Wi-Fi network of the router which printer is connected to.

    ☝️ If you are using a tablet with iOS 14.1+, open the Applications section in the settings menu and find Poster in the list. In the Allow access section, check the Local network switch. Turn it on to connect your printer and other equipment.

  5. Run Poster POS app and enter waiter’s PIN code.

  6. Tap in the right upper corner and tap Devices.

  7. Choose printer from the list of the devices and switch on what it will print:

  8. Receipt, if this printer should print receipts of your guests.
    Stations, if this printer should print tickets on stations. For example, “Bar”, “Kitchen”.

  9. Tap Print a test receipt.

💡 If text on the test receipt doesn’t fit till roll, change paper width. To do this, tap on your printer in the list of devices, go to the Settings tab and set paper width for your printer model:

  • Epson TM-T20II — 80 mm.

  • Xprinter Q260 — 80 mm.

  • Sam4s Ellix 50DB — 72 mm.

☝️ To print tickets and receipts make sure that the printer and tablet are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

💡 If you’re connecting several printers at the same time, identify devices with IP address. To do this tap Print test receipt in the list of the devices. There is IP address on the test receipt which will help you to set up printers.

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