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Troubleshooting: Printer not working
Troubleshooting: Printer not working

If printer is not printing receipts, check local network and device connection

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Let's step through a simple troubleshooting guide to fix your out-of-service printers. If your device is not printing the receipts:

  1. To print tickets and receipts make sure that the printer and tablet are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  2. Restart the router. Turn off the Wi-Fi router and the printer. Turn them back on and try printing again.

  3. Make sure that the printer's LAN port has both green and orange LEDs activated.

  4. Replace the printer connection cable, whether it is USB or LAN.

  5. Launch Poster POS app and sign in.

  6. TapDevices at the top right.

  7. Select a printer from the device list.

  8. Enable Receipt slider to allow printing customer receipts.

  9. Enable Station sliders to allow printing order tickets to Kitchen or Bar.

  10. Tap Print a test receipt to see if the printer works.

Contact us if you face any troubles with receipt printing. We’ll check the device connection and help you with it.

💡 If you’ve lost an Internet connection, you can still work with Poster offline. Receive orders, and print receipts without internet. All orders and receipts will be synced with the management console automatically after the connection is re-established.

Contact us in case of any questions or concerns including the printer setup! We're available in chat and email

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