If printer is not printing receipts, check local network and device connection:

  1. Check what Wi-Fi network your tablet is connected to and make sure it’s in the same local network with the printer.

  2. Reboot the router. To do this, turn off the printer and then restart router. Don’t forget to turn on the printer after this.

  3. Check if the printer connected to the router with the LAN cable.

  4. Make sure that green and orange indicators on the LAN port are activated.

  5. Run the Poster POS app and enter the waiter’s PIN code.

  6. Tapin the right upper corner and tap Devices.

  7. Choose printer from the list of the devices and switch on what it will print:
    Receipt, if this printer should print receipts for your guests.
    Stations, which printer should print tickets for. For example, “Bar” or “Kitchen”.

  8. Tap Print a test receipt.

Chat us if you face any troubles with receipt printing. We’ll check the device connection and help you with it.

💡 If you’ve lost an Internet connection, you can still work with Poster, receive orders, and print receipts offline. All orders and receipts will be synced with the management console automatically after connection will be re-established.

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