If you want to print receipts, checks, tickets to the kitchen and delivery receipts, you can start working with the compact Star printer. It doesn’t take up much space, and it’s compatible with Poster on iOS and Android tablets.

We have tested and recommend the following models: Star mC-Print3, Star TSP-100, Star TSP-143. If you have a different printer, write to us in chat for our support team to check its technical specifications.

To connect a Star printer:

  1. Plug the printer in a 220V socket and turn it on with the power button.

  2. Insert the till roll in the printer and pull out its loose end. Close the printer cover.

  3. Connect the printer:
    — сonnect the printer to a Wi-Fi router with a LAN cable. The green and orange indicators on the printer will be activated.
    — connect via Bluetooth to iOS and Android tablets;
    — connect to iPad with a Lightning cable;
    — with OTG cable through Micro-USB to an Android device.

  4. Connect the tablet to the same Wi-Fi network the printer is connected to.

    ☝️ If you are using a tablet with iOS 14.1+, open the Applications section in the settings menu and find Poster in the list. In the Allow access section, check the Local network switch. Turn it on to connect your printer and other equipment.

  5. Open Poster app and enter the waiter’s PIN.

  6. Tap in the top right corner and choose Devices.

  7. Choose the printer from the list and indicate what you want to print:
    Receipt if it is going to print receipts for your guests;
    Stations if you want to print tickets for your different work stations, such as the “Bar” or “Kitchen”.

  8. Press Print a test receipt.

💡 If the whole text of the test receipt doesn’t fit on the till roll, adjust the paper width. To do that, choose your printer in the device search window and set the paper width in the Settings tab. For example, for Star TSP-143 — 58 or 80 mm.

☝️ To print tickets and receipts, make sure your printer and tablet are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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