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Сonnect Star printer to iOS or Android Poster
Сonnect Star printer to iOS or Android Poster

Connecting Star printer to Poster by LAN and Bluetooth

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Connect thermal receipt printers to Poster POS for iOS and Android. Be flexible, serve food festivals and remove extra wires at the workplace.

We have tested and recommend the following models: Star mC-Print3, Star TSP-143. If you have a different printer, write to us in chat for our support team to check its technical specifications.

To connect a Star printer:

  1. Turn on the printer.

  2. Insert a paper roll inside the printer.

    — connect by Bluetooth to iOS and Android devices
    — connect by Lightning cable to iPad
    — connect by Micro-USB and OTG adapter to Android
    — connect the printer by LAN to your Wi-Fi router.

  3. Launch and sign in to Poster POS app.

  4. Tap Devices at the top right to select a printer.

  5. Select Star device from the list.

  6. Enable Receipt slider to allow printing customer receipts.

  7. Enable Station sliders to allow printing order tickets to Kitchen or Bar.

  8. Tap Print a test receipt to see if the printer works.

☝️ If connected by LAN to Wi-Fi router ensure the printer and tablet are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

☝️ If you can't find printer in Devices after the steps above, please contact us to get help with configuration.

☝️ If you are using an iOS 14.1+ tablet:

  1. Go to Settings and tap Poster in the app list.

  2. Enable the Local network to allow Poster work with a LAN printer.

💡 Identify devices by tapping Print test receipt in Devices if you have several printers connected at the same time,

💡 Change printer font size in Devices by tapping Settings and setting Paper width:

  • Star TSP-143 — 58 or 80 mm.

Contact us in case of any questions or concerns including the printer setup! We're available in chat and email

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