Does Poster work offline?

How Poster works offline while the Internet or power is down?

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Poster POS works offline, without Internet connection just enough to keep your operation running until the Internet or power is restored.

🟢 Poster POS sync statuses

Poster POS has a sync indicator at the top right:

  • Green indicates that POS is synced with the management console.

  • Yellow indicates loading data. POS uploads and downloads data from the cloud.

  • Grey indicates POS is not synced and cannot reach the cloud.

🔌 How to keep working with the Internet down?

Sync goes grey in case Poster cannot connect to the Internet. This might happen if the Internet is down, or in case the device is not connected to Wi-Fi.

Keep taking orders, and printing receipts or tickets offline. All data will be synchronized to the management console automatically once the connection is restored.

Poster keeps printing receipts even offline in case your printer and register device share the same Wi-Fi. However, power outages shut down your local network, preventing LAN printer operation.

Don’t connect your tablet to another Wi-Fi network while the Internet is down. If tablets and thermal printers are in different local networks, receipts and tickets cannot be printed.

Do not clear cache or shut down Poster POS while offline. As Poster keeps offline sales in app cache, clearing it results in losing data accumulated offline.

💡 While offline make sure your tablet is connected to the Wi-Fi. Restarting Wi-Fi router and replugging the WAN cable might help to troubleshoot the issue quickly. If none above helps, contact your ISP customer support for help.

🔌 How to keep working during the power outage?

In case you run Poster POS on a desktop, download Poster POS for iOS or Android in advance to continue taking orders during the power outage. Keeping an app on your phone just in case might be useful.

If you receive online orders, connect Poster POS app to another Wi-Fi network with Internet access or configure a Wi-Fi hotspot on your smartphone to share the Internet with laptops running Poster POS.

Smartphones supporting a 4G connection will sync to your Poster POS cloud and automatically upload new orders to the management console.

In case your business has an alternative power supply, like a power station, consider using Wi-Fi routers with 4G/5G support. Such equipment keeps providing stable Internet access even if the primary ISP is down.

Having a 4G/5G Wi-Fi router also keeps your Poster devices and printers in the same Wi-Fi network during the outage. Hardware sharing the same Wi-Fi continues to print receipts.

💡 Using Bluetooth printers or payment gateways with a battery grants additional sustainability during any outages.

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