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The integration with SumUp payment processor allows you to connect SumUp payment terminal directly to Point of Sale and take card payments faster. SumUp Air card reader connects via Bluetooth and works with iOS and Android tablets.

☝️ If you are using a tablet with iOS 14.1+, open the Applications section in the settings menu and find Poster in the list. In the Allow access section, check the Local network switch. Turn it on to connect your printer and other equipment.

To configure the payment terminal:

1. Connect SumUp Air card reader via Bluetooth to the tablet and log in to the POS App;

2. Tapat the upper right corner of the screen and select Devices:

3. Find SumUp payment terminal and tap Enter;

4. Fill in your email address and password to your SumUp account and tap Log in:

5. Enable Card Reader payment method and tap Done:

Now, once the device is setup, you can make a test payment by card:

1. Open a test receipt on POS.

2. Add any product or dish to the order and tap the green button Pay.

3. Choose Card method of payment and you will see a pop-up window appeared Checkout.

4. The total sum of the order will be shown on the SumUp terminal screen where you can put your card to make the payment.

5. The order is closed automatically when the payment is made successfully.

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