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How to read a sales report
How to read a sales report

View sales report chart to control sales in your location.

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View sales report chart to control sales in your location.

To view sales report:

  1. Go to Reports → Sales in the management console.

  2. Click on the calendar in the upper right corner and set the reporting period.

  3. Select day, week or month in the Revenue unit and Poster will build a sales report chart for the selected period.

  4. You can see revenue, profit, amount of receipts and customers, average check, the most popular time, days and products.

  5. In the Order sources section you can check the rate of dine-in, takeout and delivery orders, as well as your turnover in money and the number of receipts.

  6. In the Payment methods section you can see how your customers most often pay for their orders: in cash, by card, by gift card, by bonuses or by additional payment methods through delivery aggregators.

  7. Click Print to print out sales report.

💡 Click on the product’s name to see its sales chart and the days with the highest demand.

💡 You can check revenue, profit, receipts’ and customers’ amount and average check for this day in the Today unit:

the green percentage shows an increase in revenue compared with the previous day;

the red percentage indicates negative revenue, which means that today you have less revenue than yesterday.

For example, if your revenue is $8000 today by 11 a.m. and you can see an -20% indicator, that means yesterday at 11 a.m. your revenue was $9600.

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