View sales reports by payment methods to check if customers pay for orders by card or by cash more often.

To view payments reports:

  1. Go to Reports → Payments in the management console.

  2. Click on the calendar in the upper right corner and set the reporting period.

  3. Choose location if there are several in one account.

  4. Choose payment methods that you want to analyze.

  5. View amounts by payment method by each day when you served customers, and the total amount paid by cash, card, gift card, bonuses, e-Wallet or additional payment methods.

  6. Click on the column title you want to sort the data analytics.

💡 Click Export to download the Excel spreadsheet with payment methods receipts or click Print to print it out.

💡 To analyze most common payment methods, your turnover in money and number of orders, in the Report Sales section you can view Payment methods.

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