To view receipts with potentially suspicious activity or fraud of your staff, in the receipt report section of your management console use the filter πŸ™€ Suspicious activity.

☝️ This filter is only available to the owner and appears in accounts with at least one suspicious activity case in a receipt for the time of work of a location.

To view receipts with suspicious activity:

  1. Go to Reports β†’ Receipts in your management console.

  2. Choose πŸ™€ Suspicious activity from the drop-down menu and press Select all or filter the receipts where:
    β€’ The receipt was printed more than once;
    β€’ The order total was reduced after printing the receipt. For example, a product or dish was deleted, a discount was applied, the service charge was removed, etc.
    πŸ’‘ Poster will also show mixed cases, where both the order total was reduced and the receipt was printed twice.

  3. Press Details in a suspicious receipt and choose History.

  4. Check suspicious activity, which is additionally highlighted yellow in the receipt.

πŸ’‘ To view all receipts with a specific product or drink, use quick search. For example, in the field Quick search enter β€œTequila”.

πŸ’‘ To view receipts with detailed information on every product, go to Reports β†’ Receipts and press Export in the top right corner, then choose With details and press Export.

If you want only the administrator to be able to reduce the order total, edit your security settings.

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