To assign your employees a position we have six default positions with different access rights to management console and POS:

manager has full access to management console, and app installation;

hall manager has access to POS and hall administration, hall manager could view, edit and close orders of all waiters;

owner has full access to management console, and app installation;

storekeeper has access to Menu and Storage;

marketer works only with statistics and marketing tools;

waiter doesn’t have access to management-console, only to POS.

To create an additional position:

  1. Go to Access → Positions in management console.

  2. Click on Add.

  3. Enter position title.

  4. Check the boxes of the system sections or actions to which you will open access to:
    — to the point of sale if employees at this position will work with the POS register or order administration;
    — management console and select options for working with each of its sections: without access, view only or full access;

    ☝️The “View” setting is available in the Pro pricing plan.
    Contact us in chat to change your subscription if you want your employees to see the information in the management console but not add, edit or delete it. “Without access” and “Full access” are configured in all subscription plans.

    — apps and integrations for employees to install applications from the Apps Marketplace; or for the couriers to work with delivery orders in the “Poster Courier” application

  5. Click Add.

☝️ If you need to delete position that is already assigned to employees, assign new position to them before deleting. To do this click ••• near position, choose Delete and assign new position with access to management console and POS.

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