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How to read a financial report
How to read a financial report

View financial report to control cash flow in your accounts. It’s a spreadsheet with income and expenses transactions sorted by categories

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To view the financial report:

  1. Go to Finances → Cashflow in the management console.

  2. Set the reporting period at the top right

  3. Select an account from the drop-down list to browse the cash flow

  4. Select the type of spreadsheet display: by years, by quarters, by months, by weeks, or by days.

  5. Click next to the transactions category total sum to view cashflow days, amounts, and accounts.

  6. Click Export at the top right to download an Excel spreadsheet with the financial report.

  7. Check the total Financial result at the bottom of the table. This is net profit including all expenses.

💡 If everything is configured properly, the Financial result is equal to your net profit.

Use cash shifts to check income and expenses transactions added on the register.

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