Setting up taxes

Set up taxes to choose the tax percentage and apply them to the goods. To set up taxes:

  1. Go to SettingsGeneral in your management console.

  2. In the Management settings section check Use taxes.

  3. Save your progress.

💡 Here in Poster we have two types of taxes: Value-added and On turnover. Use them to account the total price of the dishes and products with tax included.

Product’s price with VAT calculates as follows:

price with VAT = price without tax × (1 + tax percent / 100).

Sum of On turnover tax is already included to the product price and calculates as follows:

On turnover tax = price × tax percent / 100

☝️ Tax sum would account of total receipt sum with discount.

Applying taxes to dishes and products

Apply created taxes to products or dishes:

  1. Go to Menu → Products/Dishes in the management console.

  2. Click Edit next to a product or a dish.

  3. In the Tax field select your tax from the drop-down list.

  4. Save your progress.

💡 To apply taxes faster:

  1. Go to Menu → Products and dish categories and

  2. Click Edit next to the dish category you need.

  3. In the Tax field select a tax from the drop-down list. It will be applied to all the products and dishes in this category.

Start selling dishes at the POS register. Once sold Poster accumulates tax amounts in Reports → Taxes and Reports → Receipts by clicking Details there.

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