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How to exclude items from being discounted
How to exclude items from being discounted

Exclusions are products and categories which are not covered by discounts and bonus payments.

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To set the products and categories not covered by discounts:

  1. Go to Marketing → Exclusions in the management console.

  2. Select products or categories from the drop-down list.

  3. Click Add.

💡 Combine your dishes into categories to exclude them in bulk. As all of your dishes in a category are not covered with discounts and you don’t need to select Can’t be discounted to each dish manually.

☝️ Exclusions apply to customer groups and customer discounts only. Promotions still cover the excluded products. Don't mention a product in promotion in case you don't need that promotion to cover that specific product.

Feel free to ask me if you got any questions left. I'll be back soon to help!

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