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Add new customer in management console
Add new customer in management console

You can add a new customers in your management console to allow them collecting bonuses or a discount

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To add a customer in the management console:

  1. Go to Marketing → Customers in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter the last and the first name, specify sex and birthday.

  4. Select a customer group.

  5. Enter the customer's discount card barcode in the Card number field.

  6. In case the customer is in the cash-back rewards group:

— Enter the customer's private bonus in the Personal bonus field in case it's someone important.

— Enter starting amount of bonuses in the Bonus account field.

7. Enter the phone number, email, address, and add a comment.

8. Click Add.

💡 To add new customers at the POS. Tap + at the customer tab, fill up the customer card and press Done.

💡 Create a fake customer named “5%” to provide a discount to your regular walk-in customers.

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