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How to import customers and their bonuses
How to import customers and their bonuses

Import customers to Poster. That is the quickest way to add your customer list in bulk

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💡 Export existing fake customers to get a template document. Delete examples of customers to fill up with the actual ones. Save a file as CSV, XLS, or XLSX. Import a template with customer data and their bonuses into Poster.

☝️ Create at least one customer group to complete an import.

To import customers and their bonuses:

  1. Go to Marketing → Customers in the management console.

  2. Click Import at the top right.

  3. Upload the existing template from your computer.

  4. Click Start import.

  5. Match fields Excel columns with customer's info fields in Poster.

  6. Click Check data.

  7. Click Make an import once finished successfully.

🚧 Soon importing will become available on smartphones and tablets. Upload a customer data document from a PC or Mac while we're making an update!

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