To identify a customer faster and apply his discount to an order, use the discount cards:

Barcode cards — scan with a tablet's camera or Bluetooth scanner connected to a tablet.

Magnetic stripe cards — with a card reader which is connected to Windows computer via USB.

💡 We highly recommend using the EAN-13 barcode format.

To use barcode discount cards:

  1. Click the 📷 icon at the top right of your POS order screen.

  2. Scan a card's barcode with your tablet’s camera or scanner.

  3. Press Pay.

To use magnetic stripe cards:

  1. Connect a USB magnetic card reader to your POS.

  2. Read a magnetic stripe card with it.

  3. Press Pay.

☝️ Only Poster POS for Windows and Mac is compatible with USB magnetic card readers.

💡 To hide customer's personal info from waiters, set up security settings in the management console. Go to Settings → Security and enable Add a customer to order only after reading a magnetic card and save changes.

💡 Reading a magnetic card with a customer bound automatically applies a discount to an order. Reading a card with no customer bound opens a new customer to create a customer.

Add dishes and products to exclusions to avoid discounting them.

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