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How to get reports in Poster Boss app
How to get reports in Poster Boss app

What reports and features are available in Poster Boss?

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Poster Boss is a free smartphone app for tracking Poster back office reports. Let's dive into Poster Boss features and see how it works.

To log into Poster Boss:

  1. Launch Poster Boss app.

  2. Enter your account name in Poster. It's the same as your POS register login.

  3. Log in with email and password as you do in the back office.

☝️ Poster Boss is available only to owners and employees with full access.

Reports you can find in Poster Boss:


Shows revenue, profit, average receipt, number of cash shift transactions, visitors, and average time orders spend in the opened status. For a selected time period.


Shows revenue by categories, waiters, locations, products, and payments for a selected time period.


Shows account balances, transaction amounts, and cash shifts for a selected time period.

☝️ To edit a transaction swipe left in Finances → Transactions.

☝️ To add a transaction tap at the top right.


Shows detailed info about receipts. Like, meals, applied discounts, payment methods, and profit, for a selected time period.

☝️ Swipe left on a receipt to delete it.


Shows current products and ingredients in stock either for a particular storage location or collectively.

💡 Poster Boss sends notifications with cash drawer balance and revenue each time your employees close or start a cash shift.

Feel free to contact our customer support if you have any questions or concerns. We're available in chat and email

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