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Integration with Cloudbeds allows you to assign a hotel room to a Poster order. The cashier will be able to send the order to the Cloudbeds account with one tap.

To connect Cloudbeds:

  1. Go Applications → App marketplace in the management console.

  2. Find Cloudbeds app and click Connect.

  3. Grant Cloudbeds access to your data in Poster.

Let's assign a room to order:

  1. In order page click •••Assign Cloudbeds guest.

  2. In the pop-up window you will see all checked in guests in the hotel. You can search through guests with guest name, reservation ID or room number.

  3. Select room and click Apply.

  4. Add some dishes to the order and tap Pay. You will see the pop-up window where you can choose how guest will pay for his order.

If you tap Pay on front desk order would be closed automatically. In Poster management console you will see that order payed by card with Cloudbeds. All products from order would be added to invoice in Cloudbeds and additional charges would be applied to the room.

If you tap Pay here you will proceed to regular Poster payment window. When order would be closed we will send all information about order to the Cloudbeds. Additional charges won’t be applied.

For example, order with cappuccino and croissant paid by cash with 10% service charge:

It would be posted to Cloudbeds like this:

All orders which were not assigned to a guest will be sent to House Account. If you use cash shifts, we will create one House Account per shift for each location in Poster.

As soon as you close an order it will appear in House Account. When you close the shift we will close House Account.

☝️If you don't use a cash shift, we will divide your sales by calendar days.

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