Install application for waiters

To prepare working place of waiter or cashier, open POS.PS and install application on tablet with iOS, Android or Windows:





iPad Air 2, Mini 4, Pro and newer
iOS 13+

4 GB RAM, Intel Core
macOS X 10.12+

2 GB RAM, 7″ — 1024×600
Android 5.0+

4 GB RAM, 1.8 GHz CPU
Windows 8.1+

Download from App Store


Download from Google Play


Log in the POS

To receive first orders log in your POS:

  1. Run Poster app on tablet or computer.

  2. Enter POS login, it’s the name of your account.

  3. Enter password, which you’ve choose during registration.

  4. Press Login.

  5. Enter employee PIN-code. Default PIN-code is 0000.

💡 To refine or change POS password, in the management console go to Access → Registers and press Edit near POS which password you’d like to change.

Arrange tables on the floor plan

After you’ve logged in your POS you’ll see default floor plan. Change it in the management console, so your waiters will be able to work and sell faster:

  1. Go to Settings → Tables and press Add table.

  2. Grab table and move it.

  3. Click twice to change table form from square to round.

  4. Grab the right lower corner of table and pull it to change table size.

  5. Point table with mouse cursor and click × in the right upper corner of it to delete table.

  6. Press Save.

💡 To help your waiter navigate in floor plan faster, tables are colored different:

  • grey means vacant table;

  • blue means that receipt on this table was opened by logged in waiter whose name is shown in right upper corner of POS;

  • violet means that receipt was open by any other waiter whose name shown on the table, this order is unavailable for editing.

💡 To add products or dishes to the order immediately after choosing a table, turn off guest count at the table. To do this, go to SettingsGeneralPoint of Sale settings, deselect Turn on guest count and save changes.

💡 If your place serves dishes only to go, turn off the floor plan. To do this go to Settings → General, uncheck Show floor plan and save changes.

Make a test sale

To make a test sale add products in receipt on the POS:

  1. Choose table on the floor plan and enter guest count.

  2. Tap product in the menu which is shown in the right part of the screen.

  3. In open receipt, in the left part of the screen tap near amount of product and choose:
    +” to add one more same dish;
    -” to delete one product from receipt.

  4. Press Pay.

Message us to clear sale tests before starting to work with Poster.

Make a sales report on POS

To control sales you can make a sales report by hours:

  1. Tap in the right upper corner and choose Make a report.

  2. Choose date and time of report period.

  3. In Waiter field choose from drop-down list:
    All waiters to make a report of all staff sales in chosen period.
    Waiter name to make a report of exact waiter sales.

  4. Turn on Sales by products to display names, count and price of sold products.

  5. Tap Make report.

  6. Tap Print in right upper corner to print report on ticket printer.

💡 To control receipts history and their amount by period, check receipts report.

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