Connect the Stripe payment system to your Poster Shop website to start getting the card payments.

To accept Poster Shop payments using Stripe:

  1. Log in to your Stripe Dashboard.

  2. Go to the Developers → API keys tab.

  3. Copy the token in the Publishable key field of the Standard keys block.

  4. Log in to your Poster Shop management console.

  5. To do that, click the square blocks button at the top left of your Poster management console.

  6. Go to the Settings → Billing tab and enable card payments.

  7. In the Publishable key field, paste the token you copied in Stripe.

    ☝️ Keep your Poster Shop tab open.

  8. Go back to your Stripe Account and get another token by clicking Reveal live key token in the Secret key field.

  9. Copy it as well.

  10. Paste this token in the Secret key field of your Poster Shop management console.

  11. Click Save.

Now, users visiting your Poster Shop website can pay their orders online with cards. Orders paid online go directly to your Poster POS app for further preparation.

Track your new online orders, preparation, and delivery processes, in the Order list of the Poster POS app.

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