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Connect XPrinter Q260III to Poster by LAN:

  1. Turn on the printer.

  2. Insert a paper roll inside the printer.

  3. Connect the printer by LAN to your Wi-Fi router.

  4. Connect the Poster POS tablet to your Wi-Fi router.

  5. Launch and sign in to Poster POS app.

  6. Tap Devices at the top right to select a printer.

  7. Select ESC/POS device from the list.

  8. Enable Receipt slider to allow printing customer receipts.

  9. Enable Station sliders to allow printing order tickets to Kitchen or Bar.

  10. Tap Print a test receipt to see if the printer works.

☝️ Before printing, ensure the printer and tablet are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

☝️ If you can't find ESC/POS in Devices after the steps above, please contact us to get help with configuration.

☝️ If you are using an iOS 14.1+ tablet:

  1. Go to Settings and tap Poster in the app list.

  2. Enable the Local network to allow Poster work with a LAN printer.

💡 Identify devices by tapping Print test receipt in Devices if you have several printers connected at the same time,

💡 Change printer font size in Devices by tapping Settings and setting Paper width:

  • Xprinter Q260 — 80 mm.

  • Epson TM-T20II — 80 mm.

  • Sam4s Ellix 50DB — 72 mm.

Contact our support in case you need any help with the printer configuration.

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