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How to create QR Menu by Poster QR
How to create QR Menu by Poster QR

Create a contactless QR menu for your restaurant with Poster QR.

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Use Poster QR to create a QR menu with items from your Poster management console. Poster QR is built-in to Poster POS ecosystem. No need to create a QR menu from scratch.

Connect Poster QR:

  1. Go to App Marketplace or Applications → App Marketplace.

  2. Find Poster QR and click Connect.

  3. Select QR Menu pricing plan and click Get started.

  4. QR Menu will be ready in a few moments.

  5. Download QR-code for printing or sharing.

☝️ Visit your QR menu by clicking My site at the top right of Applications → Poster QR

Menu items and control

Poster QR automatically pulls the menu from your management console to the contactless QR menu.

Add new items in Menu → Products or Dishes of your management console and they will appear in Poster QR → Menu.

Show and hide items or categories:

  1. Go to Poster QR → Menu.

  2. Enable Promo to promote the item over the others at the top of the QR menu.

  3. Disable Show to hide displayed items or categories.

  4. Changes will go live instantly on My site at the top right.

☝️ Changing product name, image, or price in Poster QR does not affect products in the management console of Poster.

Move items and categories

Drag and drop items or categories to change their sequence on the QR menu:

  1. Go to Poster QR → Menu.

  2. Hover over the item or category you want to move.

  3. Click and hold ::: to drag it wherever you need.

  4. Move items between or within categories.

Customer navigation and subcategories

Poster QR has two category levels: main and nested. Customers can see only the main level categories once they open the QR menu. To reveal subcategories tap the main category and dive deeper without scrolling through the entire menu.

Group categories like 'Cocktails' and 'Coffee' under the main category ‘Drinks’, while 'Appetizers' and 'Pasta' belong to the ‘Food’ category. This way, guests will immediately spot the main categories 'Food' and 'Drinks', helping them quickly decide what they'd like to try today.

To create or detach subcategories:

  1. Go to Poster QR → Menu.

  2. Hover over the category you want to move.

  3. Click and hold ::: to drag it wherever you need.

  4. Create subcategories by dragging one category over another.

  5. Detach subcategories from their parent category by moving them away.

💡 Two-level menu is available if at least one of the categories has a subcategory. To have the menu displayed in a single level as before, move all subcategories to the main level in the Poster QR → Menu tab.

Customize QR Menu design

  1. Go to Design in Poster QR back office.

  2. Enable Light or Dark modes for your website.

  3. Edit Main color to paint buttons.

  4. Add a Cover image in Website structure of Poster QR back office.

  5. Add a website icon or favicon in Settings of Poster QR back office.

☝️ Theme Style: Auto enables Light or Dark modes depending on the viewer's device theme.

Image formats for Poster QR:





jpg, png

1100×400 px

up to 5 MB

Menu item

jpg, png

500×500 pх

up to 5 MB


jpg, png

150×75 px

up to 5 MB



16×16 pх

up to 5 MB

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