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How to set up SEO for Poster QR
How to set up SEO for Poster QR

To make your website visible in Google search results configure SEO for Poster QR.

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To make your Poster QR website visible on Google search results, set up SEO. To do this, create titles and meta descriptions of your products, add keywords to the product descriptions, and change the default SEO title to attract more customers.

To create titles and meta descriptions for your products:

  1. Go to Applications → Poster QR.

  2. Switch to Menu → Products section.

  3. Find a product and click Edit.

  4. Change Name in SEO and marketing. For example Iced Latte — Poster QR to Buy Iced Coffee in Southampton — Poster QR. Title is limited to 50 characters.

  5. In Meta Description, write a text of up to 120 characters that will catch the user attention on the search results page.

☝️ While editing the product, you can check how the current product title and meta descriptions appear on search results by using the Show in Google field.

💡 To optimize your website for search engines and increase the number of visitors, create backlinks. To do this, place links to your website on relevant forums and groups or outsource this task to SEO agencies.

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