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How to set up Google Analytics on Poster QR
How to set up Google Analytics on Poster QR

To track the number of visitors and their behavior on your Poster QR website, use a web analytics system. For example Google Analytics.

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💡 Poster QR is optimized for Google indexing, so your website can be shown in Google Search results.

To set up Google Analytics on Poster QR:

  1. Go to Google Analytics and sign in to your account.

  2. Click ⚙️Admin at the bottom left.

  3. Go to Data streams and select the existing stream or add a new one.

  4. Once the stream is selected scroll down and click View tag instructions.

  5. Find Install Manually tab and copy the code from there.

  6. Go to Applications → Poster QR and select Settings.

  7. Paste the copied code in Additional scripts of the General tab.

  8. Click Save.

Read a detailed guide from Google on How to set up Google Analytics for a website.

💡 You can connect third-party services to your Poster QR website, such as Meta Pixel analytics for Facebook, an online chat widget, or even a callback button.

Separate different scripts by using Enter in the Additional scripts field, as displayed in the screenshot below:

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