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How to create a shop catalogue in Poster
How to create a shop catalogue in Poster

Find out how to add products for your shop

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Complete your catalogue by adding products and their categories to make sales. Create categories to make it easier for your employees to orient in the sales app:

  1. Go to Catalogue → Products categories and click Add.

  2. Enter category name. For example “Snacks”.

  3. In the Сategory field select a major parental category or Top Screen in case it's a self-sufficient one.

  4. Upload a photo, or select an icon color to display the category on the register.

  5. Click Save.

How to add a product

Products are items sold in your location. For example, snacks, clothes, or any other item. To add a product:

  1. Open the tab Catalogue → Products in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Type in a name, and choose an existing category.

  4. Enter the SKU and total price. The Cost and Markup will be calculated automatically after you add a Supply.

    💡 SKU is a product-unique code that helps waiters add it to the order quickly by clicking 🔎 in the upper right corner of the register.

  5. Upload a picture or choose the color for the icon to display the product at the Point of Sale.

  6. Click Save.

Weight products

If you sell products by weight, check the Weight product (goods) and input the price for 100 grams.

When the seller enters the weight in the POS for the product they’re selling, the final price will be calculated automatically.

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