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How to sync customer discounts and promotions in a franchise
How to sync customer discounts and promotions in a franchise

Create a general loyalty program available all over your franchise to enable customer discounts and cash-back rewards across the chain

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To enhance customer engagement and boost sales across your franchise, create a comprehensive loyalty program that offers discounts and cash-back rewards applicable throughout all your locations.

Franchise Loyalty Programs

To create a comprehensive loyalty program, create customer groups and transition rules between them. Discount and cash-back rates will increase automatically based on customers' purchase amounts. Then, add customers to your customer groups to make them participants of your loyalty programs.

To configure transition rules between marketing groups:

  1. Go to Marketing → Loyalty in the management console.

  2. Enable Group Transition.

  3. Select a group in Transition Conditions and enter the purchase amount transferring a customer to this group next to it.

    ☝️ If you want customers to go to the Hobbits customer group once they reach $200 of the total purchase amount enter $200 next to the Hobbit customer group.

  4. Click Add to add more customer groups to the transition rules.

  5. Click Save to apply changes.

☝️ Transition is allowed between groups mentioned in Transition conditions only. If the New customer group is not entered there, customers from this group reaching $200 total purchase would not be transferred to the Hobbits group.

Engagement and limitations

You can also set the maximum percentage of the order total that can be paid with cash-back. For example, customers can pay up to 50% of their order with cash-back. Or you can make it to 100%.

Offering welcome rewards encourages customers to join your loyalty program. For instance, when customers provide their name and phone number to create a loyalty card, they receive a special cash-back as a welcome gift.

Franchise Promotions

To create special offers and increase franchise income from the less popular items create promotions.

👉 Franchise promotions are available in the Customers extension for Poster Connect.

➊ Launch shared promotions across all your franchisee accounts or select specific locations where the promotion is available. Create a promotion to celebrate the opening of a new location, or launch a discount on breakfasts across your locations serving it.

👉 Franchise promotions are available only in Poster Connect accounts with the menu sync enabled. To enable menu or promotion sync contact our customer support in chat or by email at We will help you do that.

➋ Give your franchisees the freedom to create their own promotions with custom conditions and launch their own marketing offers. To do this, head over to the Settings of your Connect in Applications → Poster Connect and enable Create a menu, customers groups, and promotions.

👉 Please note that promotions created by franchisee accounts in their own accounts will not be synchronized with the Connect account. The main franchise account will show such promotions as discounts in their reports.

💡 To ensure that changes made to promotions from the main franchise account are synced to your franchisee accounts enable Edit promotions for all locations from this Poster Connect account.

Feel free to contact our customer support if you have any questions or concerns. We're available in chat and email

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