Create a Poster POS account for your type of business:

  1. Go to the Poster website and click Start your free trial in the right upper corner.

  2. Enter your email and phone number.

  3. Type your Business name or make up a temporary one to change it later.

  4. Create a password of 6 characters at least.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. Enter your name and choose the current status for your business:

    - not open yet;
    - just testing Poster;
    - opening soon;
    - location is already open.

  7. Select your business model: Coffee shop; Fast food; Street food; Bakery; Pastry shop; Cafe; Restaurant; Pizzeria; Bar; Pub; Hookah bar; Food delivery; Store; Other.

  8. Choose service types to offer your guests:

    - Quick service;
    - Dine-in;
    - Takeout;
    - Food delivery.

  9. Enter your number of employees: 1–3; 4–9; 10–19; 20 or more.

    💡 Enter a Promotional Code to get additional test days in case you have it.

  10. Click Go to your account.

💪 If you have any questions left, message us and our support team for help.

Before you start working with Poster, we suggest taking a quick guided tour through the system and making a test sale on POS. You’ll see how easy it is to work with Poster.

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