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How to work with dish modifiers on your POS
How to work with dish modifiers on your POS
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Add modifiers to your dishes to make your menu more compact and easier to work with. Dish modifiers are available in Business and Pro pricing plans.

To work with dish modifiers on your POS:

  1. Click on the dish in your menu. For example “Pizza Philadelphia”.

  2. In pop-up window “Pizza Philadelphia - modifiers” choose size and toppings for pizza.

  3. Tap Add to the order. You’ll see the total price of pizza with chosen modifiers.

  4. Tap Send ticket to print a ticket with selected size and toppings.

💡 To speed up your waiters work on the POS, change the order of dish modifiers.

Edit the dish in the management console and just drag and drop a line with a modifier to change its position. The new order of modifiers will be automatically displayed on your Point of Sale.

💡 Chosen dish modifiers will be added to ticket so your waiter won’t need to add comments manually.

If you want to track stocks in the manufactured dishes instead of the ingredients, set up the manufacturing of dishes and preparations.

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