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Poster Tips and Examples
Poster Tips and Examples

Live examples on how to use Poster efficiently with descriptions

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How to track drinks in stock correctly
What is the difference between a dish and a product?
Examples of dish modifiersOrganize menu with dish modifiers to make your service faster and to control your stocks.
Examples how to use PreparationsHow to cut fish, create a dish set or make half servings in Poster with examples
Examples of popular Promotion discountsPromote less popular items by bundling them in promotions. Sell discounted products after 20:00, or find more promotional ideas here
How to work with dish modifiers on your POS
How to use Finances tab correctlyLet's take a look at how to add transactions so that your actual account balances match those in Poster.
Adjustment transaction help and examplesAdjustment transactions and how they help you
How to prepare a month end reportDiscover the main factors to take into account when you’re calculating inventory balances for each month
What is a food cost and how to see it in PosterFigure out the food cost and which tabs of management console show it
How to set custom menu for each locationPoster accounts with multi-locations share the same general menu. But how to make each location menu different?
How to set different prices for delivery, takeout and dine-in with order sourcesPizzeria example on the pricing set up for your own couriers and delivery services
How to set different menu prices in multiple locations or deliveriesIf you serve orders in multiple locations, or by delivery services, create different pricing depending on that.
Top reasons causing wrong inventoryInspect your account for errors causing discrepancies in the inventory and stock