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What is the difference between a dish and a product?
What is the difference between a dish and a product?
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Fill the menu with products and dishes that will be displayed on the register.

Products are goods that are ready for selling. They don’t participate in the dishes' preparation. For example, a bottled coke or a chocolate bar.

Dishes are food and drinks that were cooked according to the recipe in your location. For example, creamy mushroom soup or blueberry smoothie.

☝️Products don’t participate in the food and drinks preparation process, that is why we can’t add them as ingredients to the dish.

💡Add products as modifiers to the dish instead. For example, a soda bottle can be a part of the burger menu with a selection of dishes and fixed prices.

To begin with, create products and dishes categories. They will help you to take orders from the register faster and view the sales reports by categories.

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