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How to set different prices for delivery, takeout and dine-in with order sources
How to set different prices for delivery, takeout and dine-in with order sources

Pizzeria example on the pricing set up for your own couriers and delivery services

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Previously, to account for the commissions of delivery services in Poster, you had to either set up a separate location or duplicate your menu items. This caused confusion for waiters and hindered clear reporting

The new Order Source feature makes this process much easier.

Now, you can create sources for your orders, such as Uber Eats, Glovo, or Bolt Food, and easily set up unique dish prices for each source.

πŸ’‘ Order sources are available in Business and Pro pricing plans.

For example, consider a pizzeria that offers the following:

  1. Pizza, desserts, alcohol, and non-alcohol drinks for dine-in customers.

  2. Pizza and non-alcohol drinks for delivery by Uber Eats or takeout.

  3. Delivery prices in Uber Eats are slightly more expensive than dine-in.

Now, let's proceed to set up such delivery prices in Poster.

πŸ›΅ Delivery set up

First, set up your own couriers and delivery services.

  • Enable delivery in Settings β†’ Delivery.

  • Select Use orders statuses that are going to be available.

    ☝️ More info on How to manage delivery for your business.

  • Go to Settings β†’ Orders to create new sources like Uber Eats, or Bolt Food.

  • Enable Display on the POS for the sources you're going to use.

πŸ’‘ Create order payment methods, so Poster automatically calculates delivery commission and sends the correct revenue to your accounts at the end of the shift.

πŸ• Menu set up

Set different prices for dine-in and delivery orders:

  1. Go to Menu β†’ Dishes to add new or edit existing items.

  2. Click Display and price settings for locations.

  3. Disable Locations or Order sources where such product is unavailable.

  4. Set the dish prices for each location or order source.

πŸ’‘ Set different prices for Margarita in Bolt Food and Uber Eats as well as your locations.

πŸ’‘ Disable Panna Cotta dessert for deliveries.

πŸŽ’ Prices for in-house delivery by your employees

If the pizza delivered by your couriers costs less than on Uber Eats, set that price in Poster QR. This way, customers can order delivery directly from your cafe without using Uber Eats.

Go to Catalogue β†’ Products of your Poster QR management console. Edit Margarita and set up the correct price.

πŸ’‘ Set your Poster QR prices to display the rates for delivery by your own employees.

Done! Select an order type on your POS app. For Dine-in and Takeout orders, the prices will remain standard, while Bolt Food and Uber Eats orders will have increased prices.

Dine-in prices are displayed in the image above.

Uber-eats prices are displayed in the image above.

πŸ₯³ Promotions Takeout

πŸ’‘ Promotions are available at Business and Pro pricing plans.

Sometimes cafes offer a discount for takeout dishes. Create a promotion to discount takeout meals only:

  1. Go to Marketing β†’ Promotions to add a new promo.

  2. Enter a promotion name and set start/end dates.

    πŸ’‘ Duration period of the promotion is unlimited unless the end date is entered.

  3. Select Locations where the promotion is available.

  4. Select Menu items and categories which are available for the takeout promotion.

  5. Enter the Quantity of the items required for promotion: Exactly 1.

    ☝️ Exactly 1 means that you can get a discount for each ordered menu item as long as you add 1 piece of it to your order.

  6. In Stacking logic select Multiple times per order.

    πŸ’‘ Multiple times per order means that the promotion can be applied repeatedly whenever the ordered items meet the requirements.
    For instance, customers can order 2 pizzas for takeout, each with a discount.

  7. Select promotion days and hours:

    ☝️ Promotion can be available from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 PM and 12:00 AM, throughout the month.

  8. In Preferred customers select All customers.

  9. In Promotion rewards, set a flat discount, or a discount rate for promotional items.

    πŸ’‘ For example, customers get a 30% discount for pizza ordered as takeout.

  10. Click Add.

  11. This promotion is applied manually at the point of sale (POS) register.

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