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How to manage delivery for your business
How to manage delivery for your business

To broaden your promotion channels and increase your income, launch delivery from your restaurant.

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To broaden your promotion channels and increase your income, launch delivery from your restaurant.

Your customers will order their favorite dishes to their homes or offices, while you take orders on your POS register and analyze your turnover in the management console.

To do that, you need to set up your service time standard, take an order on your POS and pass the ready dishes to the courier.

Delivery is available in Mini, Business and Pro pricing plans.

Setting up service time standard

To enable and set up delivery in your restaurant:

  1. In your management console open Settings → Delivery and turn on the switch Start using delivery.

  2. If you keep track of taxes, choose the tax that will be applied to delivery.

  3. Check the box Use order statuses:
    “Ready” to indicate in the POS terminal when the dish is ready, and to monitor in the management console the order packing time and how fast the courier picks it up from the restaurant.
    “Delivered” to select the delivery time of the order on your POS terminal, and keep track of the speed of the couriers in the management console.

  4. If you have connected a fiscal register, check and choose when to print a fiscal receipt. For example, if you want to print the fiscal receipt in advance and put it in the bag along with the order, choose the option “When giving order to courier”.

    ☝️ By default the receipt is printed when closing the order. If you don’t use fiscalisation, your thermal printer will print a regular receipt.

  5. In the section Delivery areas and rates click on + Add to create a list of areas where you plan to deliver.

  6. Fill the sections Cost and Standard service time for each of the areas of all your locations.

    💡 By default we have set a 60-minute standard time for delivery orders. If the client doesn’t get their order within this time, you will see delay time in the tab Reports → Employees → Couriers.

  7. Click Save.

Taking delivery orders

To take delivery orders on your POS register:

  1. Go to your Poster application and enter your PIN.

  2. In the top left corner open Orders.

  3. Tap New order and choose the order type Deliveries.

  4. On your POS in the open order go to Delivery tab.

  5. Enter the delivery address and leave a comment with extra information for the courier. For example, that there’s an angry dog in the yard.

    💡 To make prompts appear on your POS register when entering a delivery address and for couriers to automatically receive notifications about new orders, connect the “Poster Courier” application. If the client does not know their exact address, in the Address line 1 field, start entering the name of the delivery location — Poster will find it on the map. For example, the name of a sports club or business center.

  6. Go to the Receipt tab and add products or dishes to the order.

  7. Go to the Customer tab to find a specific customer in your database.

  8. Tap Apply in the top right corner to add the client to the order.

    💡 If you add the client’s address in the Customer tab, it will fill in automatically in the Delivery tab. It will give you a possibility to save several addresses of a client and will save your time when taking a delivery order.

  9. Go back to the Delivery tab and mark the customer’s preferred payment method. It will help the courier to be ready with change in case it’s a payment in cash, or get a card reader.

💡 You can work in all the tabs (Receipt, Customer, Delivery) at the same time and in any order. It will help you to be flexible when taking a delivery order.

💡 If the Internet connection is lost in your location, you can still keep working: take orders for delivery, print receipts and send tickets to the kitchen.

☝️ Restrictions of working in offline mode:
• At the cashier’s register, hints with streets and house numbers for delivery orders will not appear.
• Couriers will not receive notifications of new orders in the “Poster Courier” application. But orders will be saved on the register and, after the Internet is back on, they will automatically appear on the couriers’ smartphones.

Assigning a courier and delivering the order

To choose a courier and give them a ready order:

  1. In the top left corner of your POS register tap < Orders to go back to your orders list.

  2. In the Delivery time column check the color of the indicator, which shows the time left to the delivery.

    💡 If you wish to adjust the default 60 minute delivery and delay time, change the Service standard time in Settings → General.

  3. Go to the Status column and check the order time in this status.

  4. Tap Send to the kitchen if you send tickets to the chefs in the kitchen.

  5. Click Cooked to change the order status to Ready and track how long it’s being packed and waits for the courier.

  6. Choose a courier and tap Deliver when you give them the cooked dishes. The order status will change to En route.

    💡 To keep track of the couriers’ work, tap En route in the top menu.

  7. When the courier delivers the order and returns to the restaurant with the money, close the order.

💡 The courier is the owner by default. Add extra positions in your management console in Access → Positions or click Edit next to the existing positions. In the section Access to apps and integrations put a tick next to Courier.

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