Create additional order payment methods to take account of employees lunches, view sales reports by payment systems, delivery services or couriers work.

There are three main order payment methods in Poster by default: cash, card or gift card. You can add an unlimited amount of additional payment methods to them.

To add the payment method:

  1. Go to Settings Orders payment methods in the management console.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Write a Method title. It will be printed on receipts and displayed on the waiters register in the alphabetic order.

  4. Select a payment type: cash or cashless.

    💡 Write a commission percentage of the bank or delivery service in the Service fee field of the cashless account. For example, 2.5% to the bank for acquiring services or 30% to delivery service aggregator for attracting new customers.

  5. Select icon color which will be displayed on the waiters or cashier register.

  6. Click Save.

To select an order payment method:

  1. Click Pay in the opened receipt on the register.

  2. Select a payment method field. For example, click the payment method icon or ••• to open the list of all additional payment methods.

  3. Click Pay.

Additional payment methods limitations:

— you cannot combine them with the main methods;

— additional payment methods don’t send the payment to the payment terminal.

☝️ Payment methods are linked to corresponding accounts of each location.

— money for orders paid with cash methods are transferred to the Cash drawer or another cash account;

— revenue from cashless payment methods is credited to the Bank account.

When closing a cash shift, Poster will add transaction besides the main ones in Finances → Transactions. Cash and cashless transactions will be added for each additional payment method type. For example, ‘Delivery — Closing cashless shift’.

View sales reports by payment methods to find out how often your guests use additional order payment methods.

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