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Settings, Security and Subscription
Settings, Security and Subscription

Order types, receipt templates, table layout, restrictions and subscription

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How to add a locationIf you have several locations with a similar menu, combine them in one account and monitor the sales of the entire network.
How to add an extra POSThe register is the workplace of waiters or cashiers, where they accept orders, give discounts and accept payment.
How to add service chargeSet up fixed service charge percent and Poster will automatically recount total sum of order with service charge included.
How to round up the total amount of the receiptRound up the total amount of the order to serve guests faster and save on the collection of small change.
How to take account of receipts, closed after midnightIf your location is open until the last customer leaves or closes after midnight, set up shift end time.
How to pay the Poster subscriptionIf your account expires, pay the subscription by card in the management console.
How to send notifications for the subscription renewal to multiply emailsIf you want to send reminders 3 days before the account expires, write your employee's emails and renew your subscription on time.
How to work with order sourcesCreate custom order sources in addition to the types that are already available by default: Dine-in, Takeout, and Delivery.
How to create a new order payment methodAdd new payment methods to track credit cards, delivery, or employee lunches. View sales reports by payment systems, delivery services. etc.
How to track payment processing feesWhile using payment gateway to accept card payments or collaborate with delivery service, enable automatic fee tracking.
How to edit a table layout or hide the floor planCreate, show or hide a table scheme of your serving areas in Poster
Security settings and restrictions of admin passwordChange security settings to select actions that can be done on the register only by the hall manager.
How to print two receipts when closing orderTo give one receipt for the customer and leave a copy for internal reporting, set up receipt printing in two copies.
How to disable the check printingHide the check button on the register if you don’t want to allow your waiters to print checks for customers.
How to change receipt templateTo make you receipt unique and well-known, set up receipt pattern and add some useful information.
How to add taxes and their typesAdd taxes with tax types VAT or Turnover to track and sell taxed products in Poster. Name your own taxes and create percentages for them.
How to change your pricing planIf you have several locations with a similar menu, combine them in one account and monitor the sales of the entire network.
Subscription bills and credit weekHow subscription bills appear, what is a credit week and how to make subscription payments timely.