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Subscription bills and credit week
Subscription bills and credit week

How subscription bills appear, what is a credit week and how to make subscription payments timely.

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Let's see how subscription bills appear in Settings → Billing. How to configure timely subscription payments and what to do in case payment has failed

🧾 Subscription bills

Purchase Poster subscription by card or PayPal:

  • Monthly — 30 days;

  • 3 Months — 90 days;

  • 6 Months — 180 days;

  • 12 Months. Get a discount for an annual subscription.

💪 To change your subscription period contact our support team in chat or email

Let's look at the way subscription bill evolves after an additional register, location, or service is connected.

🛍 Subscription bills for other Poster apps

We combine subscription bills into one for convenience. Additional registers and locations are included in your base subscription bill by default. Check up your subscripotion price in Settings → Billing.

☝️ Apps from a third-party developer are always displayed as a separate bill.

Combined subscription bills appear when you have several subscriptions. For example, Poster, Poster QR, or any other extra app by Poster:

  • Poster subscription and app bills are combined in case both of their due dates are within 30 days.

  • App bills appear separately in case Poster subscription payment is scheduled in more than 30 days

  • Combined bills equalize the due dates to make one payment for all your subscriptions on the same day.

Example: Previously you've been using only Poster subscription, renewed on 20 March. Last month a Poster QR subscription active until 15 March has been activated.

Now you have Poster QR active until 15 March and Poster active until 20 March.

On 20 March a combined subscription bill appears in Settings → Billing:

+ 30 days of Poster subscription (until 20 April)

+ 30 days of Poster QR subscription (until 20 April)

+ 5 days of Poster QR surcharge (the period between 16 and 20 March)

🔋 Credit week

In case you purchased Poster subscription before, a credit week becomes available.

It's a 7- day period after the subscription expiry. During this time, your POS register and management console remain available.

☝️ Credit week is available for Poster subscription only. In case of using Poster Courier, credit week is not applied to it.

In case you missed a subscription payment, Poster does not stop immediately. Continue making orders, and printing receipts. a 7-day credit period is available to you to complete the payment.

💳 Subscriptions paid by card in the management console are automatically extended within a few minutes.

Never miss a subscription payment with email notifications. Receive payment notifications to the owner's email, accountant's email, or any other convenient email.

📑 In case you paid the subscription by PayPal contact our support to confirm the payment in chat or by email

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