To make you receipt unique and well-known, set up receipt pattern and add some useful information.

To change receipt pattern:

  1. Go to Settings → Receipt in management console.

  2. Uncheck Print receipt automatically when closing an order to print receipts only when you want to.

  3. Uncheck Print receipt number to hide field “Receipt #”

  4. Check Print receipt comment to print your employee comment on the receipt. For example, a thank you note or a cupping invitation.

  5. Check Add phone number and address of the customer in receipt to print information from customer card on the receipt. That will help your couriers with delivery address, for example.

  6. Press Add another prediction to add more wishes to please your guests. If you don’t want to print predictions, uncheck Print Predictions.

  7. Check Print Wi-Fi to let your guests know your Wi-Fi name and password.

  8. Check Print address and fill City, Zip code, Address and Phone number fields to print your location contacts.

  9. Choose Receipt language from drop-down list.

  10. In Print on receipt field you can choose to print:

    • Company name if all of your locations has the same name.
    Business name if each location has an individual name.

  11. Press Save.

  12. Restart application. To do this close it and open again.

☝️ Font and font size couldn’t be changed.

💡 To print in the receipt your location logo, go to Settings → General and upload image in .jpeg, .png, or .gif. File size shouldn’t be more than 5 Mb.

To watch detailed history and amount of the receipt per dedicated period go to receipt statistics.

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