If you have several locations of the same format with a similar menu, combine them in one account and monitor the sales of the entire network.

☝️ Only the owner, manager or an employee with full access to the “Access Settings” section in his assigned position can add a new location.

To connect a new location:

  1. Open the Access → Locations tab in the management console.

  2. Click the Add button.

  3. Enter the name and address of the location, set its working time.

  4. Link your accounts: bank account, cash account and account for safe drops.

  5. Select storage locations and set up write-off rules.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Select payment options:
    pay the difference by card now if you have already paid for the subscription by a bank transfer in the management console and ticked the box “Remember card for automatic payment”;
    pay with subscription days;
    adjust the amount of your next invoice if your account expires soon.

  8. Click Continue.

☝️ Every new location costs the same as your subscription. Starting from the 5th location it costs $25 for each next location.

One register is included in the price of each location.

☝️ In your account you can combine locations with the same pricing plan and no more than 10-15% differences in the menu.

If the locations have very different menus, we recommend creating separate accounts and choosing a separate pricing plan for each of them.

☝🏻 To remove a location from your account, contact us in chat.

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