If your waiters are working on several POS at once, all the receipts will be synchronized automatically.

All open orders created by your staff will be shown on each tablet, and tables on the floor plan will be marked with different colors:

  • Grey tables are vacant.

  • Blue tables have an open order, created by the waiter whose name you’ll see in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • Violet tables have open orders that can’t be edited, because they were created by a different waiter.

All of your data will be uploaded first to our servers, and then it will sync with all of your POS terminals, your management console, and the Poster Boss application.

☝️ If the color of the indicator in the upper right corner has changed to yellow or grey, that means that your POS terminals, your management console, and Poster Boss aren’t in sync. This might happen if you’ve lost your Internet connection, or if your tablet isn’t connected to the Wi-Fi network, or we’re currently doing a scheduled update.

💡 To prevent loss of data, don’t clear your cache and don’t delete the app before you’re able to go online again. Any orders taken while you were offline will be saved in your POS, and automatically synced as soon as you’re back online!

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