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Orders, payments, receipts, applying discounts and everything waiters do!

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How to add partial servingAdd half or partial serving of menu items at the POS register

How to take orders and work with order list on your POS registerPoster has 3 service modes: dine-in, takeout and deliveries.
How to add products to order on POSTo make your first sale, add products to the order on your POS.
How to accept payment for the receiptAccept cash, card, bonus and gift card payments or combine some of them at once.
How to close receipt without paymentClose receipt without payment if your staff made a mistake or make a compliment of the house.
How to work with takeout ordersIf you wish to launch a new service without extra expenses or hiring more staff, you could offer takeout option to your guests.
How to assign a courier and deliver an order to a clientAfter you’ve set up the delivery standard and accepted the order on the POS, choose a courier and give them the ready dishes.
How to add a comment to the ticketAdd comments to the tickets or products to share extra info with the chef or kitchen staff
How to add a comment to receiptAdd comments to orders for inner use or print them on the receipts for customers.
How to print orders to kitchen or barYou can print tickets to send orders from the register to the kitchen or bar.
How to change courses orderSend tickets to kitchen with courses and serving preferences of your customers.
Multiple customers in the orderAdd multiple customers to a single order and assign dishes to each of them.
How to split an orderSplit order into several receipts to separate payments from the guests or choose different payment methods.
How to sort products on the registerChange the order of categories and products in the menu to find them faster on the register.
How to reprint a closed receiptView closed orders history on the register and print receipts from the archive.
How to clear an open receiptDelete products from open receipt with a single click if your waiter or cashier had made a mistake or customer had left.
How to change payment method in the closed receiptIf customer paid for a receipt and cashier chose another payment type by mistake, you can change payment method in the closed receipt.